We love baptisms at Christ Church London. They are a great opportunity for us to celebrate people who have found faith in Jesus, and the difference he has made in their lives.

Through baptism, we re-enact the death and resurrection of Jesus. Being lowered into the water identifies us with his death, leaving behind our old lives. Being raised out of the water identifies us with Jesus’ resurrection, and the promise of new life.

Baptism is important because it’s a public demonstration and celebration of the new life found in Jesus. You can read about Jesus’ own baptism in the gospel of Matthew, 3:13-17. We hold baptism services several times a year, and our next one will be on Sunday 3rd May 2020. If you’d like to know more, you can get in touch or use some of the resources below.

“Apart from first becoming a Christian, baptism has to be the most significant event in my life. Baptism was a re-commitment of the relationship that first began when I accepted Christ – to proclaim that I have indeed died and been born again in Christ; a new and living creation.” – Beverly, baptised at Christ Church London.

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    Taking the Plunge

    Liam Thatcher 20th March 2017

    Why on earth would fully-grown and fully-dressed adults allow themselves to be pushed under water and then pulled out again? And why does the church think this is worth celebrating? In this standalone talk, Liam looks at the theme of baptism, and considers why we do it and what it achieves.